WordPress – HTML Free!

You will track down many benefits of utilizing Wordpress – from limitless topics, modules, gadgets, open source programming, and the extraordinary information on discussion individuals on the web. The most thrilling component of WordPress? NO HTML!

You heard me right – no HTML coding. Assuming you are curious about HTML coding but rather more acquainted with MS Word or My Space, you will find WordPress a fantasy.

Your site with WordPress is constrained by the authoritative board. Here you have two choices (tabs) for entering data – HTML or WYSIWYG.

WYSIWYG means “What You See Is What formation wordpress You Get” and it really is that. In the first long stretches of word handling, what you saw on the screen was not generally what you got when you distributed or printed. Be that as it may, today it truly is WYSIWYG.

On the posting page, WordPress has a tab for Clear line of sight and one for HTML. Utilizing the Visual tab for entering your post shows you what you will get when you really post your article.

The HTML tab is helpful assuming you know about HTML and wish to enter data that way. HTML is likewise helpful for implanting a code you might have from an image, a commercial, or even a connection. However at that point you can switch back to the Visual tab and simply continue onward.

In the Visual mode, you can utilize the symbols for changing your text to intense or italic. You can change the size and shade of your text. You can even add records in bulleted or numbered design.

WordPress has removed all the secret from entering data to your site. You can undoubtedly post in the Visual or WYSIWYG mode or change to the HTML mode for inserting HTML code. In any case, WordPress has simplified this super to utilize.